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Building a Home VS Buying New – Which is Right for You?

Is it cheaper to build or buy a house? This is an important question that you should consider if you’re planning on building or buying your new home. No matter if you’re just entering the housing market, or you’re looking for a second property, you should be aware of the pros and cons of building vs buying a new home. 

So, which one Hawkes Bay Builders is right for you?

Building a Home

Building a home from scratch can be rewarding, offering benefits like:

  • Customisation – you can design the home as you see fit, giving you complete control over its look, features, and more. As a result, you receive a completely bespoke home that is uniquely yours
  • Rewarding experience – the process of building your own home may be challenging, but the result is always rewarding and worthwhile. 

However, it is also a large investment. Several drawbacks include:

  • Costly – you’ll have to contribute a lot of money into it, including hiring contractors and purchasing materials. 
  • Time consuming – building your own home can take months, and you won’t be able to move in quickly. 

Buying New

When it comes to simply buying a new build, there are benefits such as:

  • Built and ready – new builds can be ready for you to move into, so you can enjoy your new home in no time. There’s no need for you to worry about the construction process or design aspects. 

Meanwhile, there are also cons to choosing a new build, including:

  • No customisation – you won’t be able to fully customise the home, unless you invest in a renovation. This means that although a new home might be cheaper than building a home initially, you might have to invest more money in the future to revamp it to your liking.

Which One Is Right for You?

We’ve broken it down here:

  • Buying new – perfect for those who want to move into a new home immediately, cheaper initially
  • Building a home – ideal for those with enough money and time to invest in a fully custom home, who aren’t looking to move into the home straight away

If you’re planning on building your new home from scratch, Bos Construction is the expert construction company to turn to. Allow us to make your dream a reality with our new build solutions. Contact us today to begin discussing your new build needs.