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4 Creative New Build Design Ideas

Planning to build your home from scratch? Perhaps you are a developer or someone looking to build your dream home. Whatever the reason, Bos Construction and our team of architectural designers in Hawkes Bay can help with crafting the perfect new build design at Havelock North. Here are 4 creative design ideas for inspiration:

1. Glazed Roof

If you’re looking to add eco-friendly features to your new home, it might be worthwhile considering glazed roofs. This can help maximise the amount of natural light that enters the home, as well as providing a stylish and unique look to your home. Glazed roofs are also perfect for admiring the night sky on starry evenings. 

2. Courtyard Layout 

You might be wondering what a courtyard layout is, and in essence, it is exactly what it sounds like. It connects multiple rooms to the outdoors, often a garden, at the centre of the property. This allows several rooms to have unrestricted access to the garden, allowing light to flood the middle of the property. This is a unique layout that should not be overlooked if you are opting for something unconventional. 

3. Extending the Indoors to the Outdoors 

In other words, this design idea opens the house to the garden, usually via a conservatory, sunroom, or extended living space that offers generous views of the outdoors. This room could be surrounded by windows, or a large door that allows easy access to the outside. 

4. Balconies 

Bedrooms with balconies is not too common in New Zealand, which is why you should definitely consider adding a balcony to the master bedroom (or all bedrooms!) for your new build. Bedrooms with a nice terrace can add a sense of nature and the outdoors to your home, allowing you and your family to get fresh air whenever you need it. 

For architectural designers in Hawkes Bay that you can count on, Bos Construction is the company to turn to for high quality workmanship that is unmatched. From the design to the construction, you can trust our skilled team for your new build needs. Take the first step in building your dream home by getting in touch with us today.