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5 Reasons to Extend Your Home

As home builders in Hawkes Bay, we at Bos Construction have provided many house extensions for homeowners struggling to squash and squeeze into their property for a number of reasons: remote working, a growing family, new pets and furniture to name a few. 

The four reasons to extend your home that we explore in this blog are a mere handful of valid explanations as to why a house extension – however disruptive it may be! – is worth it for your North Island property. 

Read on for more.

More Liveable Space

Most of the time, an extension is carried out to give you more liveable space at home. This could be through an additional bedroom, bathroom, a larger kitchen or storage space for all your furniture and knick-knacks! Even a small extension can make a big difference in how you use and live in your property.

Accommodate Lifestyle Changes

Life can change fast. If you have a new baby on the way, or your workplace has shifted to remote working, it becomes necessary to have an extra space for a nursery or home office on hand. New Zealand’s housing market can be challenging at the best of times, so a house extension offers the chance to adapt to these lifestyle changes without uprooting your life elsewhere.

Customise Your Home

One reason to extend your home is the level of customisation it offers you. As well-rounded home builders in Hawkes Bay, Bos Construction have often incorporated specific amenities or features into our house extensions that are tailored to the preferences of our customers. Consequently, their extension resembles their style, taste and needs more accurately than the rest of their home. 

Better yet, a bespoke home is also a more valuable one on the property market!

Stay In A Desirable Location

Moving house is unthinkable when you love where you live – particularly if you’re close to your workplace, local amenities, restaurants, bars, and for families in Hawkes Bay, reputable childcare services. A house extension enables you to stay in a desirable location and avoid the hefty cost of moving.

To reach out to home builders in Hawkes Bay that you can trust, contact the team at Bos Construction. We treat each property as though it were our own, are as efficient and non-disruptive as possible, and don’t finish the job until you’re perfectly satisfied. Invest in one of our expert house extensions at your earliest convenience.

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