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Helping Your Architectural Designer Fully Understand What You Are Looking For

Sitting down in a meeting with an architectural designer can be incredibly exciting, and you’re sure to be impatient to start describing your dream home in great detail. It is very important that your architect gets a clear understanding of what it is that you are looking for. But unfortunately, things can get lost in translation, especially if you are unfamiliar with certain terms or overlook certain factors. 

 Local to the Hawkes and highly experienced in working with architectural designers, the Bos Construction team have put together some tips to ensure that you get your message across clearly.

Be Honest About Your Budget

Do not say your budget is flexible when it really isn’t. This will only cause confusion in the long run. Ensure that all your financials are in order and that you are entirely certain of your budget before you begin any discussions. Once you know what sort of home you can afford, only then can you start the design process.

Have A Clear Idea Of Your Practical Needs

Only you know your lifestyle and your family’s needs. The architectural designer is not going to be able to tell you how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, so you must have a very clear idea of your family’s practical needs. You should also create a list of must-have features such as a bathtub, open-plan living, etc. This list of must-haves will differ greatly from person to person.

Know Your Preferred Architectural Style

If you are someone who is very into architecture and design, you may have no problem discussing your preferences and articulating yourself accordingly. But if this is not really your forte, it may be well worth researching various building styles and seeing what is most attractive to you. 

Share Photos And Images

They do say that a photo is worth a thousand words. So be sure to save pictures of homes and home plans that appeal to you. By showing these to your architectural designer, they’ll get a little glimpse into what you may be thinking when it comes to your new home.

Are you looking for experienced architectural design builders in Hawkes Bay? Here at Bos Construction, we specialize in new builds, extensions, and renovations and can introduce you to some of the most talented designers who would love to help design your dream home. If you are interested in our services, get in touch with our team at Bos Construction today!